Sunday, June 17, 2007

Split and Rule!!

From the ancient years there is a basic practice for the strong powers to rule other people: YOU SPLIT A GROUP OF PEOPLE AND THEN YOU CAN EASILY CONTROL IT.
This policy is a practice throughout history. The Romans did it in their ages. In our days they (NATO) did it in Yugoslavia so they can control the Balkans. They try to do it in Iraq by splitting the people there in three groups the Kurds, the Sunni and the shi'a and make them fight against each other so they will leave the British and US occupation forces out of fight.
This tactic is also executed in a social plane. There, they try to split one social class into smaller parts: The workers in the private sector vs the workers in the state sectors, the workers with a degree ( for example engineers, or doctors ....) vs the workers without a degree etc. When a part of the working class is fighting for its rights they try to lead other parts of the working class against it and leave the capital with its profits!!
This policy is what is happening these days in Palestine. They could not fight against one united people so they forced its split by imposing conditions of strangulation in the Palestinian people, by constructing the wall, by supporting concretely political and militant groups that support their policy in the region and fight other that are not supporting.
The Palestinian people must understand this tactic and keep united, leaving beside the political and militant powers that support with their attitude and practice this catastrophic policy. They must stay united so they can accomplish their main goal: The end of occupation and the foundation of an independent and viable Palestinian state.

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